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Monday, December 25, 2006
What's Next?

The last wedding job of the year is finished! I can't describe how relief I am right now. Rasa sangat2 lega. After 2-3 months full of wedding jobs every weekend, and now here I am, I can reeeeeellllllaaaaaxxxxxxxx at last. Now I can focus on what I wanna do. Focus on my work and some other stuffs. Maybe I wanna take a vacation during New Year, might be Penang or negeri2 utara yg lain. Depends on my time. But however, I have to finish up my client's album and deliver to them as soon as possible.

So, what's next? I just wanna focus on my work and what lies ahead of me. I wanna stop taking wedding pictures for now. Dah bosan tgk gambar2 kahwin ni. Kena kurangkan dulu. Maybe I'll continue after March 2007. Maybe ambik around 1 or 2 weddings per month. Baru la boleh bernafas sikit. Although the income is great if I take every week, but I'm afraid I can't focus 100% for it and takut buat sambil lewa. Nanti gambar tak cantik, susah. Four weddings per month is like double of my monthly salary. Best kan? But for me, bila buat sesuatu tu kena la ikhlas. Nanti tak berkat. Aku sanggup sacrifice duit semua tu.

But I tell you something, in whatever you wanna do, please do it passionately. When you do the things you like most with passion, you will get it done with full of satisfaction, not only it satisfy yourself, but others also. That's what I get in photography. Alhamdulillah...

And yes, New Year is around the corner. Can't wait for 2007. Next year I'll be 27 years old. Hoping for a "new" life. (Not marriage life ok). A better life. A better person. Hopefully everything will be better. Ameen.

"I was young but I wasn't naive
I watched helpless as you turned around to leave
And still I have the pain I have to carry
A past so deep that even you could not bury if you tried..."

Today is 25th December 2006, I still remember 3 years ago, the same date, something terrible happened that brought my life turned upside down with just one decision. Suffered for one year since that date. I thought it was terrible but to think of it, it really changed my life. Berubah menjadi suatu kehidupan yg baru dan lebih baik daripada yg dulu. Ternyata dugaan yg diberikan itu membuat aku menjadi semangat untuk hidup dan merubah persepsi tentang kehidupan. Now, what you see from me is something related from the past. If kejadian itu tak terjadi, tak mungkin aku buat blog ni. Dan tak mungkin aku dapat kenal dgn korang semua. Itulah dugaan yg paling hebat pernah aku lalui. Alhamdulillah, everything's getting better.

And these few days, my mind stuck with something. I don't know whether I did something wrong or not. But I kept on thinking of what have I done? Seems like the usual thing became unusual. Rasa bersalah dibuatnya.I hope I can settle this thing as soon as possible. Just be frank.

And because of that, today I went to Lot 10, I accidentally bought 2 Timberland shirts, a long sleeve and a short sleeve shirt, which totaled for RM300++. Itu pun aku nak angkat 3 helai, tapi aku berjaya menahan. Well, it's for office wear & for casual too. That's why I bought it. It's on sale anyway. If not, the price will be around RM500++.

But somehow, although the amount of it is quite high, I met my friend there, Zaffur, he's working there. He's one of my clique since primary school. Our clique(9 of us), dah lama tak lepak and tak get together for a long time. So, tadi dia update sikit2 about 9 of us and I was shocked. Muahahaha. Well, that was a priceless moment. Planning to have a get back together outing next time. Rupanya diorang selalu gi Planet Hollywood & Hard Rock Cafe layan live band. Ciss..tak ajak. Diorang kata aku busy dgn itu ini. Hahaha..that's true anyway, no doubt about that. But after this, I'll be free. Hopefully can join u guys at PH & HRC very soon! Dah lama gile tak lepak situ sambil melayan chicks..hahahahahahh!! ;)

Lepas blah from Lot 10, I brought my family utk belanja makan kat Restoran Natrabu. Very well knowned Indonesian Minang Restaurant. Agak byk jugak la habis. But I'm glad to see them happy. So, overall today, I spent around nearly RM500, but the moment? PRICELESS!!!

Before I forget, thanks to Shah and his family for the one night stay at his house in Seremban. Shah is my diploma collegemate (1998-2000). Really appreciate it bro!!! Thanks a lot!

### - Merry Christmas to those who celebrate !!!

Posted at 01:42 am by irwandy
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Thursday, December 21, 2006
I Have A Dream

Before I go on with what I'm dreaming of, I'm sure you guys have your own dreams. Maybe in terms of career, hobby and others. But what I'm gonna write this time is about my career dreams.

Since childhood, I love airplanes. My first ever flight when I was 5 years old (year 1985) when my dad went to Tokyo for training. Then, as the time goes by, I've always been lucky to travel by airplane a lot. That's where my passion comes from. I love flying. I love to be at the cockpit and dreaming of becoming a pilot. Although it's easy to see them running the plane to take off and landing, but I know it's a very tough job as they carry passengers and the responsibility is on the pilot's experiences, specifically the Captain.

Then I realized, it's my dream job, my real passion since childhood. Until I finished my SPM, I wanted to apply as Cadet Pilot. But my dreams was shattered as I don't have Physics background because I'm from Arts Stream. During that time, it was quite strict. ONLY Science Stream students can apply. So, I continued studying this Computer Information Technology thingy and Alhamdulillah, now I'm working with a big and well knowned company. But still, it's not my passion though. Some more, working as an engineer is not easy as you think. Being a pilot is still my real ambition.

Lately, I came across with so many advertisements on being a pilot. But what makes me feel close to this pilot thingy is whenever I sit on a plane, on the passenger's seat, and I tell myself, "I should be in the cockpit right now as a pilot". *sigh*

Well, there's a good news. Now I have the opportunity. Asia Pacific Flight Training, based in Kota Bharu, Kelantan is offering me the opportunity by attending for the interview next week. But I have to do the 1st class medical checkup. It's a must for every people who wanna be a pilot. If I passed, then the opportunity will be flying high in colors. The next intake will be on March 2007, then May 2007. But there's a catch, firstly, if can, I have to lose my weight by 20kg in 2 months. Secondly, where can I find RM200,000 for the 1 year and 3 months course? Merompak ke?..hehe.. Frankly speaking, it's all about the money money moneyyyyy...*sigh*

Well, just wait and see. I can't promise anything but I'm working on it. Kalau ada rezeki, maka aku takde kat KL la starting from March 2007. Kalau tak dapat pun, buat MBA je la nampaknya.

And today, aku MC. Pening & demam punya pasal. Banyak sgt berfikir lately. Fikiran aku kusut disebabkan perkara2 di atas. Smlm pulak menghabiskan kerja meng-edit gambar client sampai kul 2 pagi. Very tiring these few weeks. This weekend ada wedding job kat Seremban, it will be the last wedding job for the year. Yeaaahooo!

### - Sesuatu yg untuk anda dengar di blog ini. Tungguuuuuuu...

Posted at 01:20 pm by irwandy
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Monday, December 18, 2006
Sustaining Relationship

Just recently, I read an article about The True Concept of Marriage. But it's not only focused on married couple but also as a guidance to anybody with serious relationship. In that article, someone asked, "How do I know if I married the right person?" Well, it depends actually.

Mengikut artikel tu, every relationship is like a cycle. At the first period of relationship, being romantic, loving and caring is just normal. Kasi bunga la, call everyday, candle light dinner, jumpa setiap hari, anggap pasangan kita tu soulmate. But somehow, bila dah lama, phone calls become a bother (depends also), jumpa pun malas. It's called, euphoria of love fades. It's natural in every relationship. I mean it, EVERY relationship. Then, the question pop up on each couple's mind, "Did I marry/couple with the right person?" Kalau mereka yg tak jadi camni, Alhamdulillah.

Then, those couples mula menyalahkan sesama sendiri. Tak happy la, tak bahagia la, si lelaki tak sayang mcm yg si perempuan sayang atau sebaliknya dan lain2. Perhubungan mula renggang dan masing2 ingin mencuba utk merapatkan kembali jurang yg ada demi kebaikan bersama. Jadi, apa penyebabnya dan apakah yg harus dilakukan?

It stated in the article,
"The key to succeeding in marriage/relationship is not by finding the right person; it's by learning to love the person you've found."

Basically, when you talk about love, it's not only about the feeling that we feel for the person that we loved. Love is about everything. Sharing, responsibility, always trusting, always care, efforts and others. Couples must work together to work for it to sustain their relationship. Mcm dlm artikel tu sebut, Sustaining love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. You can't find "Lasting Love". You have to make it day in and day out. Work for it.

Yes, it takes time, energy & effort to work on it. So, you gotta know what to do to make it happen. Ada satu contoh yg best drpd article tu...

"Just as there are physical laws of the universe (such as gravity), there are also laws for relationships. Just as the right diet and exercise program makes you physically stronger, certain habits in your relationship WILL make your marriage/relationship stronger. It's a direct cause and effect. If you know and apply the laws, the results are predictable...you can "make" love. Love in marriage is indeed a "decision"... Not just a feeling"

So, from the article, what I learned is, sentiasa berusaha. Have some efforts & initiative to work for it. Walaupun kita dah tau kita menyayangi dan disayangi, tapi untuk mengekalkan perkara itu memerlukan kesungguhan dan usaha. Jangan hanya terlalu berserah pada takdir. Just anggap setiap pertemuan kita dgn pasangan kita, merupakan pertemuan cinta yg pertama.

So, what say you? ;)

Posted at 09:54 am by irwandy
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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Mata Hati Jiwa

Aku suka lagu ni sbb liriknya hampir sama dgn lagu yg aku cipta hari tu. Berdasarkan tujuan yg sama..hehe..Tapi lagu ni mmg best.

Maafkan aku mengganggumu
Cuma ku ingin kau tahu
Ruangan dihatiku hanyalah untukmu
Hari hari ku yang berlalu
Riang ceria kernamu
Mana adanya aku pasti ada kamu

Andainya engkau tahu perasan hatiku
Pastinya kau kan tersenyum di waktu manis harimu
Biarkan biar tahu teguh agungnya cintaku kerna kamu
Kau sentiasa berada di mataku, hati dan jiwa...

Maafkan aku mengganggumu
Dilewat malam malam mu
Inginku temanimu sebelum lenamu

Izinkan aku dekatimu
Inginku tawan cintamu
Agar dapat ku jadi dewata hatimu

by Awie

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Thursday, December 14, 2006
I Love You Samy Vellu

Tol naik sehingga 60%?...What the hell...Tol kat LDP drpd RM1 jadi RM1.60. Apa barang? Tol kat Kesas aku dgr2 cerita drpd RM1.50 jadi RM2.20. Hmmm...Dey Samy Vellu, apa lu bikin. Kata mau kasi rakyat senang. By this time, lu punya handphone mesti sudah banyak sms lu dapat.

Saya pun mau hantar sms sama lu..

"I LOVE YOU SAMY VELLU, You suka buat rakyat berbulu sama lu!"

Jom nyanyi lagu ni ikut rentak lagu "MY HEART", dendangan Irwansyah & Acha Septriasa...

Di sini kau dan aku
terpaksa bayar tol
menjalani kasih sayang
wa sayang lu, Samy Vellu...

Pernahkah lu pikir
hari tanpa tol plaza
lu suka buat rakyat derita
tapi lu kaut semua

Bila kita semua takyah bayar tol
mungkinkah bila lu sudah takda
tapi tak mungkin tak akan pernah
Samy Vellu takkan mengalah...

We love Samy Vellu so much you know
He suka suka naik itu toll price
We must pay the toll even the price is high
Samy Vellu will always in my heart...

***Sekadar gurauan...walau apapun, kita harus juga bayar tol no matter we like it or not... ;)

### - Preview Majlis Pernikahan Rizal & Iliyana @ Danga Bay, JB

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