Entry: The Dream & Buka Puasa Sunday, October 31, 2004

While I was sleeping this morning, I dream of something that has not been in my mind for the past few months. But usually, this kind of dream is not what have i thought before but I just wish for it to happen someday. Some people said that if you're dreaming of someone, maybe that someone is thinking about you or maybe he/she misses you.

Dreaming is like love, it comes wherever you're ready or not. Just like that without preparing anything. It comes when you least expect it. Can you force your heart to love someone? No, isn't it? Just like dreaming, you cannot force what you want to dream.

Before we sleep at night, some of us might have wish to dream something that related to your what you're thinking at that time. As for me, I always wish that she'll be happy and thought of me before she sleeps everyday. I always wish that she'll come back but I know it's kinda "dream on" thingy.

It's 17th of Ramadhan 1425 Hijrah. My father, my bro & I went to Timberland Lot 10. My friend, Kasim, works there as one of the senior staff. He asked me to come over as he can give me 35% discount on all items just for today. My bro actually wanted to buy a jacket as he will be going off to Japan early next year for his degree under JPA. As for me, I just looked around and found nothing interesting. I like Timberland T-Shirts as it's the one of the few brands that fits me & got a very good quality that can makes me to wear it for a long time. At last, I bought a black fisherman's cap. Hahaha...

Then we went back home at 3.30pm to take a rest and at 5.50pm, I drove to Sg Wang for Buka Puasa with my MMU friends. There were 25 of them. We buka puasa at the Shakey's Pizza restaurant. RM24.00nett per person for a buffet. Gosh, I just can't eat all of it. The pizzas make me really full. I only ate 2 pieces of pizza, 2 pieces of fried chicken, spaghetti, a bowl of salad, garlic bread and some 2 Unidentified Food Objects. Hahaha.

Three days in a row, buka puasa with my friends. Friday, buka puasa with Geju friends. Yesterday, buka puasa with blogger friends. And today, MMU friends. All 20+ people came. Best! Anyway, it's a holiday tomorrow for Selangor as well as for me. Hehe. Gotta settle some things before I get so busy.

See the buka puasa pictures at http://irwandy.fotopages.com

Quote of the day :- It's nice to have or is it necessary to have.


November 1, 2004   10:01 AM PST
tahniah nd and yanti for the great buka posa event kat kampung baru tu. maap sekali lagi tak dapek nak join...
November 1, 2004   04:12 PM PST
tima kasih op...takpe, next time ade lagi...maybe nak buat meeting event management next week..hopefully ko bleh dtg..:D

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