Entry: I Never Believed in... Monday, December 06, 2004

I never believed in dreaming, it never got me very far...
I never believed that love could find me, like an arrow through the heart...

I never believed in miracles, or building castles in the air..
I never believed in fairy tales, though sometimes I wish I could..
I never believed that golden slippers, could ever find the perfect foot..
I never believed in magic, or that wishes could come true...

Only love sets you free, and it's up to fate...
Then you're my destiny...
Now I know, Now I see everything can happen...
If you just believe...


December 8, 2004   09:00 AM PST
i never believed in anything nd..
i just wish life cud be happier..
and someone will love me dearly..
for the rest of his life..
December 8, 2004   09:10 AM PST
i never believed in the beliefs,
just another conspiracy in making us in believing that everything will be alright..

i never believed in lies,
just another way of limiting your imagination,

i never believed in truth,
just another way of limiting your social skills..

i never believed in homosapien love,
just another way of limiting your love to God...

And i never believed that i'm actually writing this, such early in the morning,
just another way of telling that i have no life..

2004 hafizismail

ape yg aku merepek nih?
December 8, 2004   11:44 AM PST
itu tajuk lagu ke ape eh?macam best jek

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