Entry: Left Confused Monday, March 21, 2005

About my previous entry, I do think that I can't be in any relationship commitments. I just can't for now. Yes, I'm confused over this thing. I really can't explain why is there such thing as confused. I don't know how to handle this thing. Sometimes I'm scared, sometimes I'm afraid of losing, sometimes I want to avoid but I just can't. For the first time in my life, I just don't understand why I'm being like this and I don't know what I really want. This thing really makes my day turn off just like that. I don't want to think about this actually, but for how long? This thing will come again and again if I don't find any solutions. It's not that I don't want this thing at all. But it's not the right time. Maybe this is only the beginning? I don't know. I just can't tell.

Well, looks like I'm not ready for any relationship commitments isn't it? But at the same time, I don't want to lose somebody. Susah eh? I do think that lebih baik berkawan dengan semua orang. If I'm ready, and if there's something, for sure I will go for somebody. If not, jadi kawan je la. So, just let it be. Let it go with the flow of life. Of course I have my own target but we'll see how it goes.

These are the times we all wished for. The moment when less means so much more. We don't have to do a thing at all. We can take our time and talk. And this is the way things need to be. No pressure from you and none from me. Just let the mood set the moment off. I don't make any promises coz I know my heart gets weak. When I get around you girl, it makes them hard to keep coz you bring out the best. Make me a man. God knows I'm proud to be...

### - Pasti hanya Tuhan yang tahu segalanya. Apa yang ku inginkan di saat-saat ini.


March 21, 2005   09:15 AM PST
hello there nd.. that song in the end.. god, u really bring back memories to me.. it's one of my all time love songs..these are the times by druhill.. i listen back to the song just now.. it really bring me near to tears.. i know whut u meant.. i guess.. since we're still young..no pressure, k.. i bet god has wonderful plans for you..
March 21, 2005   09:27 AM PST
yeah lissa...that's one of my fav song of all time...it reminds me the old days...yeah, no pressure from u and none from me..hehehe...God has wonderful plan for me?...i really hope so...that's what im praying for everyday...thanks lissa!
March 21, 2005   10:27 AM PST
ND.. bak kata Billy Joel dlm Apprentice semlm.. life is about taking risk!! so ask yourself, whether you wanna take that risk... maybe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.. and you will survive this rush!! cheeh.. amende lee aku bebel ni!! sabo jek!!
March 21, 2005   11:50 AM PST
ND..after a breakup...have a cooling period for a few months or so..dont rush into things that might lead to regret later on k...
March 21, 2005   12:57 PM PST
erin...breakup?..dah lebih setahun dahhh..hahaha...

wise man say..only fools rush in..but i can't help falling in love with my car! :D
March 21, 2005   01:36 PM PST
March 21, 2005   01:53 PM PST
i just follow apprentice semalam.. take risk, take the chance, and be brave..

hope i will make it.
April 3, 2005   03:48 AM PDT
I have learned about this at school today!

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