Entry: Incomplete Friday, March 25, 2005

Sometimes we feel like, our life is incomplete. You get what you want, you got everything but still, something is missing. You tend to be happy all the time but still you're not. Deep inside your heart you want it and that's the thing money cannot buy. Feels like you don't have nothing. Have you ever encountered this similar situation?

Even though it seems I have everything
But I don't wanna be a lonely fool

All of the women
All the expensive cars
All of the money don't amount to you
I can make believe I have everything
But I can't pretend I don't see
That without you girl
My life is incomplete...

### - You're beautiful because of who you are, not because of what I see... ;)


March 25, 2005   08:45 AM PST
- You're beautiful because of who you are, not because of what I see... ;)
~ beauty is only skin deep , its what inside u that counts ~
March 25, 2005   11:04 AM PST
yeah..i feel the same feeling too ... regrets on what i had lost. although i'm happily married now but the thought of her..my first love,still haunting my mind.
without your girl ..my life is incomplete!
March 25, 2005   03:54 PM PST
hmm.. mmg la susah going on a life with nuthin , no..make that no one to look forward to at the end of the day... put your chins up nd.. all is not lost.. you're still young and you have your life in front of you.. make the best of whut you have now.. and i totally agree with you.. money cant buy everything..
March 26, 2005   06:54 AM PST
Kalau kor ada perasaan macam nie ...dah katergori normal la. Tarak hal, sebab manusia akan sentiasa tak puas apa yang dia ada. Mesti ada rasa tak cukup (tak salah kalau utk kebaikkan).

Kalau tak ada perasaan nie...mungkin perasaan seekor kucing jantan yang dah dimandulkan. Tak teruja tgk kucing betina.
March 26, 2005   11:56 AM PST
eheh..yeah, life isn't complete till u get what u want...but although if u're a millionaire..billionaire..the richest man in the world..u will still haven't got the thing that u want the most that money can't buy...such as love and family...

if it's about kehendak tu..tu kategori lain..tu mmg tak cukup...but that doesn't count in here
March 26, 2005   08:33 PM PST
oii.. curik ayat smallville! tarok la reference kalau ye pon :p
March 26, 2005   08:51 PM PST
tetibe teringat cerita jerry mcguire time tom cruise kata, "u complete me"

btw, ND, lama tak dgr citer..
March 27, 2005   07:43 AM PST
trump dapat apa yang dia nak :P
March 27, 2005   10:23 AM PST
hi solusz...:p

trump...donald trump?...haha...dia tu lain cerita sbb dia mampu nak tanggung model tuh...maintenance tinggi wooo..luar dan dalam..semua first class..hehe...
April 12, 2005   02:50 PM PDT
feeling that now. still searching what i am missing...

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