Entry: What I Did This Raya Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Day of Ramadhan : Bought a new Hari Raya watch, Guess Collection (Gc). The price? No need to know. See it here. Nice eh? ;-)

First Day : Duduk kat rumah je. Sedara mara datang. Sampai ke malam.

Second Day : Beraya ke rumah sedara kat Selayang. Then gi Sg Wang & Lowyat Plaza. Bought DVI cable for my new HP LCD monitor.

Third Day : Watched 'The Bourne Ultimatum' at GSC, Midvalley Megamall alone. Having lunch with family at Chili's. Shopping at the newly shopping heaven at Midvalley, The Gardens. Bought a Dockers shirt & belts.

Fourth Day : Just sit at home watching TV.

Fifth Day : Back to work! Boring!

Well, that's the life of KL boy since childhood days and that is my Hari Raya. Hehehe...Cheers!

### - Above picture is my cat, Tiger, during the 1st day of Syawal. He likes chicken!

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October 18, 2007   12:26 PM PDT
olololooo tomeinya kucinggg.. geget sket boleee...
October 23, 2007   12:43 PM PDT
selamat hari rayer ND..
salam kemaafan atas segalanya..
October 23, 2007   04:08 PM PDT
eeeee... cutenyer meowthhhh...
October 31, 2007   11:57 AM PDT
nice shot nd..
December 27, 2007   08:23 PM PST
update le weh
January 8, 2008   06:37 PM PST
wey, aku pun dah sambar jam tangan GUESS. :)

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